Proposal: Start another round of discussions to change MUX tokenomics

We’ve been in an uptrend for more than a year now, but MUX failed to catch and retain any of it.

The MUX tokenomics may be the worst in town for a project accruing fees to “token holders”, but the team unilaterally decided not to do anything about it.

There were new “shiny” developments introduced, but if you believe tech is the ONLY reason for a project’s success, go check the analytics to see the hard proof that it is not.

Volume, protocol income, and MUXLP liquidity are all down to levels not seen since the beginning of the uptrend in January 2023, and they are trending downward.

Tranche liquidity is down, DegenLP did not pick up, and even though MUX is always among the first to list new tokens, the majority of the time, even during high volatility days like yesterday and today, most of them have 0 Open Interest. Yes, you heard it right, and if you don’t believe it, go and check it yourself on MUX

The following proposal should be revived as it already points out all the necessary changes Proposal: Rebranding Completion and Tokenomics Enhancement

MUX should start truly listening to the community and take the necessary actions to make things change for the better.

A MUX fan since 2022.

This should be the most important thing for the team right now. A proposal should be launched for us to vote on.

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