Proposal: Delegate the $ARB in the MUXLP pool to the MUX DAO Delegation Address


Arbitrum currently has over 55% TVL of all L2s combined, and the user base and ecosystem have continuously grown. As an aggregator connecting leading DeFi protocols on Arbitrum, MUX wishes to be a core contributor to the ecosystem and actively participates in the governance process.

Previous, the MUX community has passed a proposal of delegating the $ARB tokens in POL to the MUX DAO Delegation Address. MUX contributors want to propose delegating $ARB tokens in the entire MUXLP pool to the MUX DAO Delegation Address.

Please note the delegation won’t affect the liquidity or the tokens directly; only the voting power will be delegated.


MUX contributors propose to delegate the voting power of the $ARB token in the MUXLP to the MUX DAO delegation address: 0x2ef27b114917dd53f8633440a7c0328fef132e2f

Reference: Tally | MUX Protocol

Next Steps

  • Community discussion surrounding these two proposal
  • Community members vote to approve/disapprove of this proposal