Adjusting Short Position Open Interest Cap Under Every Market & Adjusting Maintenance Margin (MM) for positions

The MUXLP pool depth has increased lately and can now support higher open interest from traders. Due to this reason, the MUX team will increase the open interest caps for short positions as follows:

ETH: 400 ETH
BNB: 170 BNB
FTM: 75000 FTM

Additionally, to further improve the trading experiences and increase the “Max Leverage to survive 1% Move” for 100x positions, the MUX team will adjust the MM from 0.01% to 0.001%. This way, the liquidation prices will be almost identical to bankrupt prices (99.9%).

These two updates will become effective on Aug. 24th UTC, 2022. The MUX team will continue to evaluate the open interest caps and MM; we’ll make further improvements in the future as the MUXLP pool grow deeper.

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