Adjusting Initial Margin (IM) And Maintenance Margin (MM) For Positions

The Initial Margin (IM) for positions on MUX is currently 1%, and the Maintenance Margin (MM) is 0.5%. We have noticed traders’ margin for 100x leverage order can violate the 1% IM requirement due to price fluctuation, leading to the positions being unfilled. Also, the 0.5% MM makes the high leverage position’s liquidation price a little far away from the bankrupt price.

To improve the trading experiences, the MUX team will adjust the IM to 0.5% and MM to 0.01%. The adjustment will be live by Aug. 6th, 2022 (UTC + 0.) After the adjustments become effective on the product, market orders will have a smoother filling process, and the liquidation price for high leverage positions will be relatively closer to the bankrupt price.

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