Adjust Funding Setup Under All Markets - 2

After the launch of “Aggregated Position,” we started to witness traders actively using this feature.

One beneficial effect of the “Aggregated Position” is the utilization rate of the pooled assets in the MUXLP pool can potentially be higher, as more remaining assets can be utilized for a component in an aggregated position.

As the utilization rate of pooled assets becomes potentially higher, the funding rate (borrowing fee rate) will also likely stay at a higher rate.

To improve traders’ experiences, MUX will lower the Annualized limitRate for all pairs under the MUXLP pool as follows:

Long - ETH: 50% → 40%
Long - BTC: 50% → 40%
Long - ARB: 50% → 40%
Long - BNB: 50% → 40%
Long - AVAX: 50% → 40%
Long - FTM: 50% → 40%
Short: 60% → 50%

This update will become effective on Jun 28th, UTC, 2023. The MUX contributors will continue to evaluate the funding rates, and we will make further adjustments in the future based on analyses. Please let us know if you have any questions.