Update the GMX Referral Code that MUX Uses

For all positions routed to GMX from the MUX Aggregator, MUX currently uses its own referral code to earn rebates from the routed volume.

GMX Blueberry Club (GBC) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created for GMX. The GBC community is currently organizing an ongoing trading competition; referral rebates from the code BLUEBERRY will be continuously contributed to the competition prize pool.

As a leveraged trading aggregator that wishes to build strong relationships with all integrated protocols and ecosystems, MUX contributors would love to collaborate with GBC on the trading competition and update the used referral code to BLUEBERRY. After the update is live, all rebates earned from the volume directed from MUX to GMX will be added to the GBC trading competition prize pool.

After the update goes live, MUX and GBC will launch co-marketing campaigns. This update can potentially be a good opportunity for MUX to increase exposure and onboard more traders.

Next Step
This update will become effective on Mar. 17th UTC, 2023. The MUX team will continue to evaluate the collaboration, and we’ll make further improvements in the future if needed. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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