Update the Contributor-Supplied Uniswap V3 $MCB / $ARB Pair to $MCB / $USDC Pair


Currently, MUX contributors supply liquidity to a Uniswap V3 $MCB / $ARB pair with a $0 - $10 range to balance the inflow and outflow. This causes $MCB price movements to have a relatively high correlation with $ARB price movements, and $MCB price movements have been affected by the high $ARB token price volatility.


To further stabilize the $MCB liquidity situation, MUX contributors propose updating the Uniswap V3 $MCB / $ARB Pair to a $MCB / $USDC Pair. The update won’t effect the latest liquidity depth of the trading pair.

Next Step

  • Community to vote on the proposal
  • Link to snapshot vote: Snapshot
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