Proposal: Deploy MUX on Optimism


MUX is the first multi-chain native protocol unifying pooled liquidity across deployed chains, and offering unified trading experiences for traders from different networks has always been a long-term objective.

Optimism is a leading Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup with more than 40k daily transacting addresses. In addition, Optimism has the second largest TVL among all Layer 2 and an active Defi ecosystem. To reach more potential traders and push the multi-chain native vision further, we propose to deploy MUX on Optimism.


  • Deploy MUX Protocol Suites smart contracts on Optimism
  • Add OP token to the MUXLP Pool and adjust pooled assets target weight accordingly
    • ETH 27%
    • BTC 14%
    • OP 2.25%
    • AVAX 2.25%
    • BNB 2.25%
    • FTM 2.25%
    • Stablecoin target weight will remain unchanged
  • Add OP market on MUX


  • Community discussion surrounding this proposal
  • Community vote to approve/disapprove the proposal

I approve this. It’s the second most used L2 and it can bring in new users.
Moreover since we are already on Arbitrum and soon on zksync v2 it just seems obvious to be also present on Optimism.

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Tbh, optimism is not even a rollup rn. They have no fraud prove mechanics which is a security problem. On the other hand i would like to see as many as chain supported by MUX.
Mux needs to show off its v2 - perp aggregator- to gather more users from other protocols. I think Polygon might be a gud idea too because there is Gains Network and their mechanism is a bit different. Metavault, on of the GMX fork, is on Polygon too. Mux could aggregate both protocols to aim their users.

Kwenta, OPX, Perp, Pika are the main competitor for perpetual trading on Optimism and i believe Mux would serve much more better ux than all those competitors.

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Why OP, rather than Polygon? Seems like Polygon has been getting a lot of good momentum and new adopters as of late.

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Yeah totally agreed, we’ll push for more exposure on the MUX Aggregator. Meanwhile, we’ll also gather feedback and make improvements on it.

In terms of Polygon, currently MUX is deployed on its testnet, so expanding to the mainnet is on the agenda. Aggregating with Gains will also be a potential approach for MUX to reach Polygon traders.

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Yeah Polygon is definitely a very active ecosystem. Currently MUX is deployed on its testnet as a start, so expanding to the mainnet is on the agenda.

Aggregating with Gains will also be a potential approach for MUX to reach Polygon traders.

K, perfect.
If Polygon is already imminent, then I support OP as the next chain launch after it.

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Defintely support this proposal.
For MUX protocol has the liquidity mulplexing functionality, deploying the protocol to a new network does not increase the cost of liquidity. Hence, we should deploy the protocol to ALL the mainstream networks, which helps adopte more users.

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Hey everyone, thanks a lot for the discussions and sharing the opinions!
The voting for this proposal will start on Dec 20th, 2023 at 0:00am, UTC.